Maybe That Would Have Made the Difference

The bench was empty. It was almost magical. Every other time I had passed the bench? Occupied. But every May 18, at 5:30 pm? Empty. As though it knew I needed it to be empty. Checking the time, I sat on the worn wooden bench. Ten years had not been kind to either of us.... Continue Reading →


The Stolen Car and Why I Care

It was a 1974 candy-apple red Trans Am. It’d just been restored – the tires, brand new; the paint job, metallic flecked and hardly dried. Then it was stolen. That night, I had parked it in my driveway, and the next morning? Gone. No one knows where it went. Not my neighbors, not the cops.... Continue Reading →


Europe. He always said he would take me. That working two jobs and juggling school was nothing if it meant we would go together. Germany. Switzerland. France. The hours of planning and dreaming were wasted on him. I was wasted on him. All the books I bought and dragged along to each date-- he didn’t care about... Continue Reading →

To Fall in Love With a Boring Man

  “Do you ever wonder what it would be like?” A loud truck sounded its horn in the pale evening, causing both of us to turn and look. Settling back into her seat after thoroughly investigating the noise, Suze asked, "Do ya though? Think about it? I always kinda imagined it to be sunny.” “Sunny?”... Continue Reading →

Tea in the Dark

You put too much sugar. You can’t see the mug. It’s hard not to trip on that dark kitchen rug When you’re making tea in the dark.   The drawers are much louder than ever before. The spoons and the fridge and The biscuits all roar, And the jerk cabinets hold great potential for more,... Continue Reading →

Something Beautiful

It’s been crazy here without you. I go to the café and look at your table and am still surprised to see you not there, or worse, to see some stranger sitting there. I almost want to ask them to leave, or permanently reserve the table, but I don’t. You’re gone, for now, and I... Continue Reading →

Orion Jones

“What should we name her?” Though it was just us, I still whispered. The pale curtains were slightly opened, revealing the very still, very dark night. Every clock in the hospital announced 3:42 a.m. but I wasn’t tired. I hadn’t felt so awake in a long time. My husband breathed out a short laugh and lowered... Continue Reading →

Strawberry Wedding Cake

He looked so pitiful, I couldn’t help but laugh. Tuxedo, bowtie, shoes buffed so I could’ve seen my reflection if I had crouched down at his feet and peered into his shoes. I didn’t crouch though. That would have been shameful. Grandmamas would have gasped. He was so very handsome but so very pitiful. He... Continue Reading →


He knocked on the window, but the birds didn’t move. They didn’t even flutter. Jasper sighed, a faint whisper following. “I don’t like you very much.” He informed the birds as he leaned against the wall. “I think you’re terribly stupid.” One bird looked up, cocking its head in his general direction. “Oh, so you... Continue Reading →

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