That Thing I Told You Once

Remember that thing I told you once? It was funny and startling And unexpected. Neither of us expected it, So we laughed. Do you remember that thing? It left behind a feeling, like sadness not but sadness. We weren’t sad. But we were like sad. Hollow. Melancholy, looking straight into our hollowness. Do you remember... Continue Reading →


2:01 AM

The air is thinner at this time of night. The TV crackles on, droning, complaining, yelling. Then, to commercial. It’s easier to breathe here; almost too easy. Like-- like maybe the weight of the universe has lifted, just for a moment, made it easier to breathe, easier to think, then will come crashing back down.... Continue Reading →

Whisper Back

you said that your walls were too strong. you would never let someone break them down. you said that you loved me still, that you always had and you always will but you couldn’t love with walls like yours, and you couldn’t love someone like me. you still have your walls. sometimes, i sit outside... Continue Reading →

Love and Sunflowers

“What can I get for you?” “What do you have that will shut a jealous boyfriend up?” The barista turned for a moment to look at the menu before deciding, “Well, just about anything, if you dump it on the right place.” “Then I’ll take whatever your most expensive drink is in a venti, large,... Continue Reading →


Europe. He always said he would take me. That working two jobs and juggling school was nothing if it meant we would go together. Germany. Switzerland. France. The hours of planning and dreaming were wasted on him. I was wasted on him. All the books I bought and dragged along to each date-- he didn’t care about... Continue Reading →

To Fall in Love With a Boring Man

  “Do you ever wonder what it would be like?” A loud truck sounded its horn in the pale evening, causing both of us to turn and look. Settling back into her seat after thoroughly investigating the noise, Suze asked, "Do ya though? Think about it? I always kinda imagined it to be sunny.” “Sunny?”... Continue Reading →

Tea in the Dark

You put too much sugar. You can’t see the mug. It’s hard not to trip on that dark kitchen rug When you’re making tea in the dark.   The drawers are much louder than ever before. The spoons and the fridge and The biscuits all roar, And the jerk cabinets hold great potential for more,... Continue Reading →

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