An Interesting Person

My name is Raymond and I’m not an interesting person. Netflix is my addiction and coffee is my comfort and that’s basically my life. I have two sisters, one older, one younger, and they agree with me—I’m not an interesting person. I don’t have interesting hobbies or stories or jobs. Like, my name is Raymond.... Continue Reading →


Judge Judy and Quentin Tarantino

She was terrible. At 2 a.m. she’d leave a thousand voicemails for a guy named Steve. She’d cry his name over and over again, pleading and then angry and then pleading again. I’d bury my head under my pillow thinking Who even names their kid Steve anymore? In the mornings, she’d yell at her cat... Continue Reading →

That’s How She Dances

The group of white coats stood outside the window, looking in. The body inside lay motionless on the floor, eyes closed. “Is she…” “Alive? Yes.” The doctor pointed to the lit panel just to the right of the pane of glass. “Her vitals are fine. She has been in the simulation for…” a brief look... Continue Reading →

The Edge

Slowly, carefully, I lowered myself till I sat beside her. My legs dangled beside hers, and impulsively, my hands gripped the metal underneath us. I could feel my whole body shaking, but whether it was from the wet wind or the darkness around us, I didn’t know. I didn’t care. Under my breath, I cursed... Continue Reading →

Good Picture

“Hey. Whatchu doing back here?” The familiar, gruff voice called to Theo. “Came to see that factory again,” Theo called back, jogging to where the rough man sat. “I got some nice shots there before.” Theo squinted down the road, swinging his bag to his feet before unzipping it. “Huh. Okay.” The rumpled man shifted... Continue Reading →

A Butterfly Tattoo

It all started with a butterfly tattoo. And I guess that started at O’Malley’s. And that started with Jack, this guy I met on the hospital shuttle. He was dying. Had been his whole life. Just like me, I suppose. Only—he felt it more that day. I was meant to go to Ward 6, the... Continue Reading →

The Sisters Ivanov

I was twelve when the sisters came to town: the sisters Ivanov. They had straight black hair that reached to their waist and pale blue eyes. They were witches. At least, that’s what Mrs. Templeton said. Constance Templeton was head of the church’s Welcoming Committee, but Annushka and Lana Ivanov were not welcomed. The traditional... Continue Reading →

Kids With Everything

Do you think we’ll remember? The sleepless nights, the sighs?   The way sad songs sound at six a.m.   Do you think we’ll remember the emptiness we feel in our arms Hearts Heads Hands.   Do you think we’ll remember The moments we don’t know what we’re missing? We just know we’re missing something.... Continue Reading →

That Thing I Told You Once

Remember that thing I told you once? It was funny and startling And unexpected. Neither of us expected it, So we laughed. Do you remember that thing? It left behind a feeling, like sadness not but sadness. We weren’t sad. But we were like sad. Hollow. Melancholy, looking straight into our hollowness. Do you remember... Continue Reading →

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